Report on prostitution laws in the European Union

di Daniela Danna

Mi scuso per l’inglese ma il rapporto è in questa lingua. La traduzione è in corso.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT IN PDF: EU prostitution laws


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This is my work on EU member states’ laws on prostitution (the PDF version is for better printing because of its numerous tables). It should have been the first part of a report for the EU Commission that I was coordinating, compiling it with the help of other experts, but I was forced to retreat from the project because my work has been rendered impossible by the abolitionist stance of the Gender Equality division officers to whom I had to deliver the report. Their fanaticism (personally experienced during the only meeting we had in Brussel in late June – after lots of hostile and unreasonable comments on my written work) was deaf to all empirical research demonstrating that prostitution acts do not necessarily amount to violence against women, and that sex work is different from trafficking. What I was to understand is that my role should be simply to give them reasons to justify the extension of the criminalization of clients to the whole EU. (I don’t know how they got this power over a document that was commissioned and should be presented to the EU Commission.) This is contrary to our national Sociological Association’s ethical chart, that prohibits us from being influenced in drawing our research conclusion by requests from committers – and I totally agree with this article. The coordination role was given to Liz Kelly and Madeleine Coy.

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